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03/05/2024 APSA's Inaugural Master Series 2024 – "Hong Kong's Untapped Potential as a Global Financial Centre" | VIDEO


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06/11/2023 APSA Hybrid Seminar - The HKSAR's and Mainland China's Interconnections with the Global Financial System | VIDEO
27-28/09/2023 IMN | APSA – ABS Asia 2023
26/09/2023 HKIB Annual Banking Conference 2023
14/07/2023 APSA Hybrid Seminar - Looking Back to the Future for Opportunities in Structured Finance | VIDEO
15-16/06/2023 Greenwich Economic Forum – Hong Kong
27-28/04/2023 中国资产证券化论坛(CSF)年会 | VIDEO
13/01/2023 Central Economic Work Conference - Hong Kong Contributes to National Economic Development (中央經濟工作會議 - 香港助力國家經濟發展」研討會)
12/01/2023 APSA | IFW 2023 Seminar - Hong Kong as a Securitisation Hub for the GBA and Beyond
11-12/01/2023 Hong Kong Asian Financial Forum (AFF) 2023


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02-04/11/2022 Singapore FinTech Festival 2022
31/10-01/11/2022 Hong Kong FinTech Week 2022


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16-17/03/2021 IMN Asian Structured Credit Virtual Summit


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16-17/01/2020 IMN Asian Structured Credit Summit (Macau)
13/01/2020 Launch of APSA White Paper: "A Securitisation Financing Hub for Infrastructure and SME"


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06-08/05/2019 China Securitization Form 2019


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15/10/2018 (Video) - APSA/HKIB Keynote Event - Belt & Road Initiative: Infrastructure Financing
15/10/2018 APSA/HKIB Keynote Event - Belt & Road Initiative: Infrastructure Financing
7-9/05/2018 Annual Conference of China Securitization & Structured Finance (Beijing)
16/01/2018 Susie Cheung, APSA Co-Convenor, speaks at Asian Financial Forum (AFF) on “Steering Growth and Pioneering Innovation: Asia and Beyond”


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07/12/2017 APSA Annual General Meeting
21/09/2017 APSA & CUHK – Career Talk for Students: “Get to Know the finance industry in 90 minutes!”
18/07/2017 HKIB & APSA MoU Signing Ceremony
24-26/04/2017 China Securitization Forum (CSF) Annual Conference


Date Title
15/12/2016 APSA & HKSI - Green Bonds - Market Update and Outlook
02/12/2016 APSA Annual General Meeting
31/10/2016 Presentation of Professor Say Goo at 3rd Annual Roundtable Luncheon Discussion
31/10/2016 APSA/AIIFL 3rd Roundtable Discussion - “Proposed Enhancements to The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited’s Decision-Making and Governance Structure for Listing Regulation”
29/09/2016 ASIFMA Structured Finance Conference 2016 (Singapore)
14/09/2016 APSA & AIIFL - Career Talk for Students: Thinking of a Career in Finance?
12/09/2016 APSA & CUHK - Career Talk for Students: Thinking of a Career in Finance?
22/07/2016 APSA/CUHK Seminar: "Swapping Non-Performing Loans to Equity: What Can We Learn from History?"
18/06/2016 HKIE/HKU Engineers’ Insight Series Seminar
15/06/2016 APSA 10th Anniversary Celebration
19-20/04/2016 The Challenges and Opportunities for Property Law Conference at Macau U
16-17/04/2016 One Belt One Road and the Opportunities and Challenges for Financial Law Workshop at HKU
7-9/04/2016 CSF Annual Conference 2016


Date Title
26/10/2015 APSA Seminar: Structured Financial Products related to Gold
10/07/2015 APSA / AIIFL Seminar: 2nd Roundtable on "Should HKEX Allow Weighted Voting Rights?"
28/05/2015 APSA / HKSI Seminar: PRC Securitisation –Recent Legal Developments
28/04/2015 ASIFMA 5th Offshore RMB Markets Conference
03/02/2015 APSA / HKSI Seminar: Retail Structured Products: Global Regulatory and Industry Landscape


Date Title
10/12/2014 APSA / HKSI Seminar:FATCA –Asia Pacific take-up of Intergovernmental Agreements and Practical Issues Facing Financial Institutions
05/12/2014 APSA Annual General Meeting
25/09/2014 APSA/ AIIFL Seminar: Roundtable on Corporate Governance in Hong Kong as an International Financial Centre
13/06/2014 APSA Seminar: Gold & Precious Metals Trading


Date Title
06/12/2013 APSA Annual General Meeting
09/01/2013 APSA Seminar: Global Economic Outlook and RMB Internationalization


Date Title
23/11/2012 Asia Women in Business Law Awards 2012


Date Title
05/12/2011 APSA Annual General Meeting
Sept to Oct 2011 APSA & HKSI Joint Seminars: Structured Finance Series
14/07/2011 APSA Seminar: Offshore RMB Bond – Piping Hot Dim Sum


Date Title
08/12/2010 APSA Annual General Meeting
17/09/2010 APSA Seminar: Driving the Future of the Australian Securitisation Market


Date Title
22/07/2009 APSA Seminar: Issuance of RMB Bonds in Hong Kong